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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post number three for the day….unheard of!

The temperature here is much cooler with little humidity to contend with, so I have been taking advantage of the mildness to indulge myself a little.


For my birthday recently, Leah and Corrie gave me the Tea Tower Canister, complete with tea leaves of course. I used some money I was given to buy myself a cute little tea pot.  It comes with a built in strainer and is just perfect for 2 cups of tea.

Today I was enjoying the Green Rose Tea while I caught up on my favourite blogs.  It is lovely to relax and enjoy sipping the fragrant brew.

Christmas Card Making

I had a head start  with my Christmas card making thanks to card classes through the year, but I needed a few more to complete my list.  Here are some of the ones I made for 2010.



I had a lot of fun with this colour palette, muddy, dirty, almost brown!!!

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