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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Last blog post from my holiday persona!

I’m feeling a little sad that my lovely holidays have come to an end, but I am forever grateful that I have had the opportunity to get so many things done and spend so much time doing just what I wanted to do.

Later toddy I will put my sewing room in order and look at what projects I have prepared for the next few months.

It will be a little more difficult as I will be working fulltime for the next six months.  So my blog posting may be fewer and further apart, but I will endeavour to keep updating so as not to lose motivation.

Here are some photographs of the other projects I’ve finished during my holidays.

P1030237 Table runner using spare blocks from my Double Irish Chain quilt.

P1030238 Still more spare parts from the Double Irish Chain.

P1030239 Zippered coin purse from this blog tutorial. I sat up late last night trying to extract every last moment.

P1030240 Snap Happy Purse, using the last  of the sweet rolls from this post. Although I did struggle to actually unroll and use the pre cuts to begin with, it is a very economical way to buy beautiful fabrics, with so very little waste.


I keep a  Pizza Box (unused of course) full of embroidery blocks. and these ones were just perfect for jar covers.

P1030243 P1030245-1

My red scrap box was too full to close, so I decided to use it to make another Snap Happy Purse, strip pieced, and also  ‘Wet Ones’ holder. The holder was a practice and it is too narrow to fit properly, so I will make another about 1 inch wider and that should fit perfectly!

Thanks for visiting and for accompanying me on my quilting journey!



Leah said...

A 'wet ones' holder.. What a great idea!

Linda said...

You are just about the most productive, efficient, on-top-of-things quilter I know! You've eeked every bit of fun out of your holidays. I'm sorry for you to have to go back to full time employment. But the good news is that you'll HAVE to take some time off to become a Nanny!

Sue said...

Love the little table runners, and the purses. I have no idea how you do so much in the time you have Julie.
Maybe you should do some teaching on time management!!
Hugz to the soon to be Nana??