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Saturday, October 09, 2010

…….and still no baby!

but by this time next week, it will be a different story. If Leah makes it through the weekend she has an appointment at the hospital Monday for a little hurry-up treatment, then if still nothing, the baby will be induced either Tuesday or Wednesday.

We are all so eager to meet the little one it is difficult to be patient.

In the meantime….. I went to a Southern Cross Quilters Get Together today at The Quilters & Embroiderers Store at Salisbury.

Pam did a tutorial/demonstration on embellishing a covered button with wool felt, fabrics, trims, beads etc.

It was very enjoyable and everyone who took part did some lovely work. My button caused Pam a little grief as she valiantly tried to put it together for me. I had put some beads a little too close to the edge, and Pam hit her finger with the hammer, breaking a nail across the middle drawing blood. So to say she puts her all into her craft is an understatement.

I did a little panel beating on it when I got it home and despite the back being a very ugly, I’m happy with the end result. Thanks Pam!

P1030246 P1030247

2” in diameter.

It seems every post I’ve made over the last few weeks has been under cloudy, rainy skies and today is no different. I know it may seem as if I’m never happy, but I’m a bit over this rain…..I feel the need for just a little sunshine.

Perhaps tomorrow will yield some sunshine, and a baby? Stay tuned…….

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Kali said...

What??? Still no baby??? And I've been waiting..and waiting!! lol
Best of luck for this week..give Leah my love...and do let us all know the minute you have a grandbaby.

Like you, I'm totally fed up with rain and wind..I feel as though I never stop complaining at the moment. But I promise I will as soon as it is warm and sunny.

Oh! and I do love your little broach....very pretty.

Maree: said...

I was only thinking of you & the coming Baby today ..was wondering how things were going...well not long now then hey...I nearly drove to the Quilters store today as I need a couple of things from there...maybe I should have.Love your little Button..

Al said...

I don't suppose I can call you Grandma yet then, can I?! We had a fabulously sunny day here today, with more expected tomorrow... I love your button and cannot comprehend the 'ugly' comment - I know your workmanship better!