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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday and I’m not at work! This is Heaven!

Today has dawned cloudy and wet, a little cooler than I expected, so I did have to get dressed today, my summer pj’s just weren’t cutting it this morning.

It’s getting  a little brighter but I’m not sure we will see the sun today.

So what have I got to show for the last 24 hours?

Quite a bit actually, three pairs of pyjama pants for Jordan, one long and two short.


Jordan is going to camp on the first day back at school and was concerned his old pj’s were a little………….um, revealing, so Super Mother to the rescue???

I did a little communing with my over-locker, and had then whipped up in no time.

While on a roll and not needing to go to bed early I began working on the Baby Sling Pattern Leah bought on-line. Either I was too tired or too stupid to understand the instructions, but either way, I was challenged to say the least.

P1030144 P1030143

P1030145 This is how I left it last night!

This morning I was still none the wiser, but just used the photograph to get it to look like what I think it is supposed to look like?

P1030147 P1030148 P1030149

Greg is a bit concerned the baby will fall out, and says there should be a safety strap??

So, that’s my last 24 hour projects. Now let’s see what else I can find to work on!

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PamelaJ said...

Tell Greg The weight of the baby is what hold it in Lol looks great.!

Leah said...

Tell Jordan the girls might like his 'revealing' pajamas! ;)
We tested the sling out with a stuffed toy the other night lol. I think you've won the challenge! It seems to work well. Didn't hear one cry from the stuffed Rabbit :P