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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday and it’s grey, but I’m smiling…

That’s because I have 14 delightful days before I have to return to work.

My plans for these holidays are to have no plans.  I have finished the Baby Room Curtains, so the pressure is off.



Today “Poppy to be” put the curtains up and Leah rearranged the room a little.  Now, we just need the baby!

Yesterday I had the perfect beginning to my holidays, a bus trip to Toowoomba with the Vision Patchwork & Quilters Group.  It is Carnival of Flowers time in Toowoomba, and it incorporates a Quilt Show.  Our merry band left our pick up point at 8.30 am. First stop Gatton, for a little retail therapy and a cuppa at Sew Creative.  Having been there recently meant I didn’t buy much, just two sets of self covering buttons.

Onward to Toowoomba, and the Quilt Show  It was a very nice display, with several trade tables and also some tables with hand made goodies for sale. I added some fabrics to my collection here, and a bag of purple buttons.

I photographed some quilts that I felt inspired to try out myself.

Photo0067 This black and white with the splash of blue looks like the  perfect way to show case large prints and those special fabrics you hate to cut into little pieces.

Photo0068 Photo0069A great use of scraps, and I was interested in the joining method used in this quilt.

Photo0070 Loved this block, and thought it would be another wonderful way to use scraps.

Photo0071 Such a  simple block but so effective!

Photo0073I seem to be attracted to simple designs, this one in particular caught my eye.

Photo0072 A simple arrangement of 4 rectangles and one square, a perfect use for jelly rolls.

Photo0074 I’ve always been a sucker for a star block and this one was stunning!

Photo0075 A nine patch block cut down to create the dark star.

Photo0076 The alternate side of the block forming a little pin wheel.

After the Quilt Show and some lunch, we headed off to Highfields, a little place right on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, first to a Bead Shop and then on to The Quilters Angel at The Village on the Green.  I added another two patterns to my collection, and some goodies from the Chocolate Shop to take home for later.

Then back into Toowoomba to see a floral display, a few of us elected to stay in the bus and rest.

Homeward bound, I began to think about food…..? I had been wanting to try a a local Fish & Chip shop and as it was almost on my way, I stopped in to get dinner.

It was a good decision, I phoned ahead to get the table set and drinks prepared, all that remained was to toss the package onto the table and dig in!

It is amazing how an all day outing can be so exhausting, I felt as if I had run along behind the bus all day, so off to bed for me to recoup!

Thanks for visiting.



Kali said...

You've got a whole 2 weeks to recover from that marathon shopping trip Julie...what a great day it must have been. I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow to see Andrea, so will catch up with you on my return.

Linda said...

The baby's room curtains are very pretty. The space looks soothing and inviting. Green, hmmm? So no one knows the baby's gender?

Thanks for sharing quilt show photos. A couple of them captured my fancy too. And that stringy, quilt-as-you-go quilt... if it's the sashed joining that interests you, I think that's the same method that I have as a tutorial on my blog. It has pros and cons, the cons being that the sashed seam is a bit bulky. But the effect is great, and makes the quilt-making easy to handle.

Al said...

Great work as usual, Julie..... love the bag and the curtains. The strip quilt joining method looks like the one Christina Kuhne sent around for the bushfire quilts - it works really well, I found. I'm glad you're haning fun in your holidays - you've earnt it!

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Hi Julie, So glad you were able to come and enjoy our quilt show in Toowoomba. It is a lovely time to visit and sounds like you had a good day. Quite a few of us did a strip quilt like the one you photographed a couple of years back. It was quick and easy to put together. See my blog post here