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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I’m lovin’ myself sick here!

The grey days and rain haven’t dampened my holiday spirit one bit! I have been absolutely wrapped up in spending time at home.

I did have a ‘rest day’ yesterday, both Greg and Jordan insisted there was nothing to eat in the house, and Jordan pleaded to go to the grocery shop.  What kind of mother would resist his sad little face?

So after ‘hunting & gathering’ for my family I needed to have a little nanny nap, and I enjoyed reading a few chapters of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

No dinner was cooked, it was an ‘everyone for themselves’ night.

I was back in my sewing room to put the final touches to this baby bag and matching mummy purse for Leah.


Here is a close-up of the Mummy Purse. I have used Suffolk Puffs and Self-covered Buttons.


Today was another ‘rest day’ Greg had the day off and wanted to go for a haircut and so we picked up Leah and took her along with us.  After morning tea we browsed the baby shops and baby departments of the other shops. I was like a mad woman, I found lots of delightful little outfits in gender unspecific colours to buy.

Not to mention a few new outfits for the Grandmother to be……?

Then we had lunch……and browsed a few other shops, before stopping at Cold Rock for a well deserved Ice-cream.  We managed to wear ourselves out and Leah was heading for her bed as soon as we dropped her off.

I have had a cuppa and I am now ready to begin a new project…….here is a sneak preview.

P1030160 P1030161

I have managed to unroll and begin to use a Moda Sweet Roll! I knew I could do it!

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Contented Caroline said...

Love it, it's gorgeous and sure Leah will love it too. Your day can only get better - come over to my blog and enter my yummy giveaway.