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Saturday, July 31, 2010


There, I’ve said it! I am Addicted to this site…..

The Book Depository 

This web site has a hold over me, that cannot be broken!  I can’t visit just to look, I can’t help but be caught up in the delightful publications I find there. This week I‘ve had two deliveries and I find myself wanting more, and more, it is drug like in it’s hold over me…… and I L O V E IT!

P1030044 This little beauty has 80 pages of darling mini quilts, paper pieced for accuracy…I’m a sucker for accuracy, and I have buckets of scraps just crying out for something meaningful to do with their lives…. so what better marriage, I ask you?

P1030045 Now Tilda has become yet another addiction of mine.  There is a pattern forming here, I seem to be addicted to so many things….thankfully not cooking or cleaning, well perhaps cleaning is another addiction, but let’s not get into that here shall we!  As the cover says

“Over 25 irresistible projects to fall in love with”

and never have truer words been spoken!

This weighty tome has 152 pages to delight my creative senses, and I think I will start with page 99, Babushka Dolls no less,….another addiction I must admit to……

Thankfully The Book Depository has such fabulous prices on their publications, I can easily order them without thinking twice…..except when it comes time to check off my credit card purchases with the statement, and then I see the tally……it’s is a bit frightening some months!

But let’s not dwell on my addictions and credit card balances….. here is what we made at card classes this week.


Using the Big Shot, Bigshot_landingpage_B1

…that I am also coveting, and was caught caressing during classes on Thursday… This machine embosses and cuts, such a clever piece of equipment, and I do love equipment…..oh no, not another addiction!!

Before I confess any other addictions, I’d better run.

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Kali said...

Love your blog page Julie, very pretty. And there's no harm in your addictions, in fact I think it helps you make the world a better place! So keep feeding that fact I pretty much share your sentiments re The Book Depository, and at least you do actually make things from the books you buy!

Jeanette said...

I know what you mean about the book depository. :) Will you be bringing the books wednesday night?

Bec said...

Yep, a fantastic site! Great for craft books, great for novels and great for any books!

Susan said...

Addictions, that is what it is to me as well!! The trouble with my lament on so much around that I can't make it all.

And then Tilda's creations - her books are something I will eventually succomb too and get them as well!!! May even get a list together for my hubby to get for my birthday in a couple of months!!!