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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is it that time already?

Wow, where do the days go?  I’ve been back at work a little over two weeks now, and my feet have hardly touched the floor since.  It is our busiest term at work and my hours have been extended. 

So before I get side tracked by something unimportant, like what to feed my family for dinner tonight, here’s my show’n’tell!

Bubba Davis 022 Bubba Davis 002  Bubba Davis 010  

Here is what our grandchild has been up to….


P1030023 P1030025

Two weeks of card classes….


A new pin cushion with matching finger cushion, for stitching on the go!

P1030040 P1030039

Stitchery I worked on while holidaying recently, is now a folder cover.

P1030041 P1030037

Front of my new stitchery tote and the back view too.


……the inside too. 

This lovely design is by Cath Walker, her husband Ron makes the rod with the reels for the embroidery threads.  Cottage Garden Threads also stocked by Cath.


Being busy seems to have made me more efficient with what spare time I have. The weekend before last, I played around with some fabric scraps from completed projects that I had yet to put away into my colour coded scrap bins. These two table toppers were the results of using the scraps from one of my Double Irish Chain Quilt tops.

P1030017 Un-quilted as yet, while I ruminate a suitable quilting pattern. I’m amazed at what I managed to make from a couple of spare blocks and some strips of fabric…..this patchwork is an amazing craft!!!

That’s my show’n’tell for now, I’m not working on much right now, although I have 1/2” hexies, some knitting and some crocheting, so my hands are rarely idle.

Time to crank up the BBQ to cook our pork mignon’s, sounds very exotic doesn’t it? Served with potato bake, and steamed veggies, YUM!

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Linda said...

You have been a VERY busy lady! Wow. If MORE work makes one THAT motivated, give me more work! Such nice things you've finished. I'm partial to that folder cover. Nice.

That's happy news on the baby front. Amazing what that imagery can show. He's certainly precious, and he'll be absolutely adorable. Blessings on the new parents.

Sue said...

Your baby pics are amazing. To see the new little one so clearly is wonderful. I love the stitchery tote too.

Susan said...

Hello Julie,

You kindly responded to my long email on scquilter's, plus paid a visit to my blog and commented on the x-stitch I had done - Thank you.

I agree with your comment of wanting to reach 90 and still stitching up a storm. My Nanna is 96, and is still knitting or crocheting, In her 80's she could still embroider until her eye-sight deteriorated too much.

I've come to visit you and had happen, what happen's all the time!!! Loved the Stitchery Tote by Cath Walker you'd made. What a great idea with the wooden reels to hold the threads. Something else I would love to have!!!

So many wonderful projects and many so helpful as well.