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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leah Turns 21 Today

As I prepare this post, I am reminded of exactly what I was doing this time 21 years ago…..I was in labour…. and in just 20 minutes or so I would become a mother for the first time!

It was a dream come true, after 3 years of trying, and on our 2nd IVF attempt, we had our beautiful baby girl.

Leah 10th Aug 1989 As you can imaging we thought all our dreams had come true.

Now 21 years later, the feelings are exactly the same!

On Saturday we had a family get together with my family and a few of Leah’s friends.  It was a lovely evening and a fun time was enjoyed by all.


Leah asked for cup cakes as her birthday cake, so I made a giant cup cake.

P1030048 P1030049

This was before the guests arrived, it was a bit chilly and Greg is giving Corrie his dressing gown to keep him warm!


This is my family…

Corrie, Leah, me, Sharna, Shaun, Mum, Kate, Greg, Wanda, Anna, Leonie, Brock, Jordan and Greg.

Brock is at home after his first year at Washington State University where he is on a basketball scholarship, so it was a great opportunity to get that elusive family photograph, the last one was taken Christmas 2008.


Leah has grown into a beautiful young woman, who is about to become a mother herself, and I am looking forward to sharing the next stage of her life.

Congratulations Leah! I love you!

Thanks for visiting.



Leah said...

Thank you, Mum :) I love you too!

Sue said...

Wow! is there no end to your gift of creating. What a lovely looking cake. Isn't it great when you get those family photos. As we get older, we really appreciate the times spent together.
Hope you are getting
"baby prepared".lol

Anonymous said...

Who's the baby that had the baby 21 years ago, look at you girlfriend, sooo young looking.
And look who isn't cold, not wearing a coat, the one that is the incubator.

Bec said...

Time goes so fast! Looks like you all had a lovely time; and your new roof out the back looks really good.