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Thursday, June 17, 2010

In training….

I’m in training….I’m off on a Quilting Retreat to Mount Alford this weekend, I know just how strenuous they can be, and I felt I needed a work out to get me in the groove.

Yesterday when I got home from work, I bypassed the housework yet again and headed to my sewing room.

P1020815 I’m not normally a messy worker, but look at the piles of ‘stuff’ on my cutting table.

P1020813 Then there is this pile beside my machine.

P1020814 No mess here however….must keep my stitching area clear!

So what did I produce with all this limbering up?

P1020811 These two Snap Happy Bags were yesterdays efforts, the hot pink one was my warm up bag, following exactly, the pattern instructions, and the one on the left was an attempt to modify the casing for the carpenters ruler closure. Not totally successful….


Today I have done a few more modifications, kinda stepped up the pace a little….. my final bag uses the store bought flexi frames. I needed a comparison to the carpenter ruler, option.

Using the scraps from my Breast of Friends Quilt that have been cluttering up the table top, they are now making more of a useful addition to my sewing room.

The long one on the left will hold my rotary cutter and scissors, the smaller one is still looking for it’s calling in life, as too are the first two, although one will probably be a travel make-up bag.

Now it is time to mentally prepare myself for the excitement of the coming weekend…..

Just one more sleep!

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Linda said...

It's great that you experimented with the Snappy Happy bag pattern to make it what you want. Super idea to make it store quilt-y tools!

Oh my! You're a virgin retreater? I wish you every success. I'm sure you'll achieve your apprenticeship soon.

quiltinbysea said...

You have been busy, great bags. Enjoy your retreat, the venue looks amazing.

Joy said...

Mess???? Nah, looks pretty familiar to me ... that's how I work all the time he he he. Love your little pouches Julie, they're so handy aren't they!?!
Love the gawjus old sewing machines in the background of your piccy too :o).
Have fun at your retreat!!!
Joy :o)

Xx My Little Family xX said...

Maybe Dad & Jordan will do some housework for you while you are gone?? (Haha, who am I kdding..?!)

Cath Ü said...

You had a messy sewing area at home.. because you didn't have Deb's table to toss it all onto.... LOL

Cath's Blog
Cath Ü

Solstitches said...

Those little purses are so cute.
I need to go check out the pattern which looks like something I would enjoy making.