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Sunday, May 02, 2010

No more navel gazing for me!

Since my last blog post I have been contemplating my options, and believe I may have come to a suitable compromise.

Firstly, no more pressure to perform….that means if I have nothing for show’n’tell that’s ok!  One of my fellow bloggers, Kali reminded me that stitching is supposed to be enjoyable, and she is so right! I think I lost my way for a while.

The past week has been productive in other areas of my life. I have deliberately stayed out of my sewing room and concentrated on other things.

My family, home duties and part time work, do take up a considerable amount of my time and that’s ok too. I am striving to put the enjoyment back into my craft life, by spending whatever time I have left on the most enjoyable and relaxing projects as possible.

So what can I share with you this weekend…….?

P1020711 P1020712

Last weekend Leah had Sunday off as it was ANZAC Day so we embarked on a “Family Outing” to Queen Mary Falls. Travelling on a 4WD only track through the picturesque Scenic Rim,map_good the recent rain has made the countryside so green and lush.  There were several creek crossings to negotiate that gave us all some exciting moments.

P1020724 P1020725 The Falls                        The track below

We stopped at this park in Killarney for morning tea.


The only crafting I have to show this week is from Card Classes.  Leah has started coming with me, it is really nice to share something I love to do with my daughter.

P1020709 P1020731

I’ve done some work on my Candied Hexagon blocks. The fussy cut whole hexes and the divided hexes are complete, this week I may begin to work on the baby’s blocks. P1020733

It has been an enlightening week for me.

Thanks for visiting,

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Simply Sandy said...

Julie, I know exactly what you mean about the pressures to perform. Many of the blogs I read produce something amazing nearly everyday. I can't keep up. I want my crafts to be fun, so I do them when I have time and want to. Thanks for sharing.

Maree: said...

hi Julie..sounds like a nice time had your Candied Hexies they are gorgeous eye candy that's for sure...know what you mean about life in general...

PamelaJ said...

So Miss julie are you doing your hexies by hand or machine ??? they look great ! Very pretty colours

Sue said...

Hi Julie
I know what you mean. Everyday I think, oh blow I can't post to my blog as I haven't finished anything, or I haven't taken any photos yet!
Glad to see you're one of us, after all your lovely work LOL!
Nice family photos. Isn't it amazing, how once the girls are married they settle into being lovely friends for their Mum's.(Most anyway) Not that I would know though, only having sons, but I have lovely DIL's!
Looking forward to my visit

Krekeltje said...

Hi Julie, I think it has nothing to do with age but more with greed ;-)in wnating it all. I'm in the same boat, every now&then it hits me, I feel paralized by the pressure I put on myself to produce, and I stare at my navel for a few days (easier now I've lost a few kg's) and afterwards I feel the drive to pick things up again. Don't be to hard on yourself, that helps.