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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So much to do….so little time…..

If I could find a few extra hours each week, I know there would be a market for them….only, I don’t think I could sell them? I have lost count of the number of projects I have on the go, how many books I want to read, the places I want to visit, the things I want to achieve, they have all become a bit of a blur right now.

Is it age related, this navel gazing? Or have I hit the proverbial wall? Has it finally dawned on me that my time left on this planet is finite? 

What will become of my half completed projects, my unread books, the places I didn’t get to visit, the activities I didn’t partake? Not to mention the dreams I have…….

Now that you know what I haven’t been doing, let’s see what I did manage to do shall we………P1020695 Card classes last week……. a gift tag and a cute trinket box.


Fabric bowl to add to my collection of bowls



Phoebe, from Melly & Me a darling soft toy for  “Grammy’s Glory Box”

Now should I to do a little more navel gazing, or should I just jump in feet first, take life by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake…….? Perhaps what I do achieve is more important that what I don’t get to?  If I concern myself with what I’m not doing, maybe I won’t get the same joy from what I do…..deep thoughts on this gloomy and rainy Wednesday!

Ya get that!

979a573d08cd17f888a243d41cb3ae39 thinking deep thoughts…….


Bec said...

Glad to see you have a made a start already with 'Gramma's Glory Box'!
As for half finished projects, sometimes I sort through mine and cull some into the scrap pile.... it lifts a weight off and I feel much better for it!

Maree: said...

Hi Julie..Firstly Congrats on the New Bub coming...I have just become a Nanna too....Love Phoebe..Gorgeous Fabrics on Her...

Julie said...

Julie I sooo understand where you are in your navel gazing...
I am in exactly the same position with the same thoughts...and I decided to jump in and do it all...
The Good Lord decided I jumped a little too hard, and now am laid up with a broken bone in my foot, allowing me a month to sit and contemplate all that it is that I really want to do and begin to disgard the things that I really don't want or need to complete.

Hopeing you don't nearly have as much of a physical reminder of what to do with what is left as I have...but that you do find out what is important to you...

Remember time spent with Leah and this little bub will be more precious than anything else we can think of add to our day.
Kindest regards,
Julie in Geraldton, Western Australia

Linda said...

I enjoyed you sharing your navel-gazing. We each go through that at some point. Like you, I wonder what people I leave behind will think of all my STUFF - fabric, UFOs and all the things that made me happy.

Phoebe is absolutely adorable. Is she for your grandbaby? You did a lovely job making it.

Sue said...

Hi Julie
I know exactly what you mean. I to often wonder what will happen to all my 'stuff' when I depart this world.
LOVE Phoebe. She's lovely.
What is the ETA of bubby? Sorry memory like a sieve!

Cindy said...

Julie, beautiful fabric on your darling Elephant.
Ejoying your blogs and the clarity of your wonderful pics.