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Sunday, April 11, 2010

This weekends adventures

It has been hot here in our neck of the woods, and with summer supposedly gone and autumn here, I am wondering if it will ever feel cool again.

P1020682 Here is my finished lanyard, just in time to go back to work tomorrow!

P1020694 Yesterday we ventured out on our bikes. We invited Leah to join us as Corrie was out with friends and she hadn’t been bike riding for many, many years.

With four people and three bikes, it was a shuffle, Greg and I took turns walking so Leah could ride, and when her bottom had had enough she walked a little too. Lunch of the freshest fish and chips began the adventure, followed by and ice-cream at the end of the ride.

It was lovely with a cool breeze on the bay, but arriving home made us aware of just how hot it had been. The poor dog was puffing and panting and trying to cool her belly on the tiles.

Today I began a new project, a QAYG quilt pattern Dragonflight. I know Joy sometimes visits my blog, so I hope she approves of my interpretation of her lovely design.

I had high hopes of getting quite a bit done, alas the heat sapped my enthusiasm, although I am happy to say all the cutting has been done, and I am ready to begin the main centre section… photographs yet!

It isn’t my only new project, but what’s new? I have Candied Hexagons, and 1/2” hexagon project in the pipeline, I sometimes wonder if I will ever get to a point in my life where I have nothing left that I want to do? Nah…..not possible! Oh and then there are the other projects I have waiting for some attention!

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Sue said...

Hi Julie
Love the hexagon Quilt.
Is it finished or a WIP