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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Three weeks until Leah’s wedding…..

As some of you are aware, I do love a countdown, and now that I have finally come to terms with my only 20 year old daughter getting married I think another countdown is in order!!!

So it’s just three weeks today.

This week I needed to clean the room that was once Leah’s to accommodate some of the wedding paraphernalia! I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have ceiling fans!

P1020472 The hoop petticoat needed somewhere to hang so the net can “relax'” I wonder if it would work for me? She is going to wear my wedding veil as her ‘Something Old’, I’m especially happy an proud about that.

The dress is still in the bag, I’m not sure the ceiling fan could take the strain of that too!

P1020347 This ‘preview’ of the petticoat had us in fits of laughter. We do hope there is not a repeat performance on the day.

P1020475 Shoes and accessories.

P1020474 Jordan’s Suit.

P1020478 Father of the Bride.

P1020477 Mother of the Bride.

Just a peak at what is going on at my place right now, can’t spoil the surprise now can I?

What else have I been up to, do I hear you say……….?

P1020467P1020468P1020469Jordan celebrated his 13th Birthday on the 1st Feb. The Caramel Mud Cake was his birthday request, as was Pizza for main course.

Last but not least…..

P1020471 a Temporary home for my Matryoshka Dolls.


Kali said...

Thanks for the wedding preview's all a bit exciting isn't it! If there are any mishaps with the petticoat, just remember one thing. Take photos!

Linda said...

I can definitely feel excitement in the air. Err, maybe it's blowing ON the breeze of the ceiling fans. Can't wait to see pictures of everyone in their finery.

Cath Ü said...

Now how did the hoop petticoat behave at the wedding reception...??? LOL

You make dolls too.. you amaze me...
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Cath Ü