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Friday, January 22, 2010

My day…..

P1020444 Caramel Tart for Jordan

P1020445 Hummingbird Cake for Greg

P1020446 Vanilla Slice for me!

Today we went for a drive and enjoyed a pleasant morning tea together. As you can see the fare was delicious!

After a swim/paddle we had lunch at a local Pub. All in all a wonderful day, spent mostly eating it would seem.  Although we did talk about ‘acquiring’ a canoe/surf-ski, yet again…. or push bikes perhaps…..sound’s lovely until we get home and quietly sink back into our comfortable rut and do nothing!

Then again, it would probably cut into my stitching time, so maybe that is why I happily procrastinate along with my family members!!!

P1020448 New stitchery project. from Patchwork & Stitching Magazine Vol 7 Number 4.

This cutie has fallen nicely into my new obsession, Matryoska Dolls… I am in the middle of making a set of 5 dolls and this stitchery will go just perfectly with them.

Time to actually do something with my needle and thread rather than just talking about it!

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Linda said...

The food looks yum, and the new stitchery looks like fun. You have great taste in food and projects!

Cath Ü said...

I am shocked.. there was no morning tea for me...?????
Cath Ü