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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last week of my holidays…

I have had the best holiday ever!  Everything I wanted to do I have done, I’ve stitched, I’ve read, I’ve slept in, I’ve stayed up late, spent time with family and friends, and generally spoiled myself doing whatever I felt like doing at the time… is always the case all good things must come to end.

I wouldn’t appreciate how wonderful my holidays have been if I got to do all those things listed above, all the time! So no complaining from me, I am rested, recuperated and ready to face whatever 2010 had in store for me!

There is a give-away on this blog that may interest you, so if you like a give-away check it out and leave a comment to go into the draw for something very much like this little cutie!

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I’ve been saving $2 coins for over 12 months and yesterday I placed the last one into my collection bottle.  I had heard that filling a 600ml soft drink bottle with $2 coins will total $1000.00 and I do love a challenge.

P1020439 I will take this lot off to the bank to be counted and begin my next collection!

P1020441 P1020442

Another bag…..this bag came from the Sew Pretty Homestyle book I bought recently. It was difficult to choose what would be my first project from the book, all the projects are so lovely and I just want to make them all.

The original bag uses circular cane handles and I didn’t have any, so I improvised and covered some rigilene with left over fabric.  I love how it turned out and just know it won’t be the last time I make this pattern.

Three weeks into January and three bags completed!  It must be some kind of record?

Thanks for visiting,

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Linda said...

Another darling bag, Julie. You make the neatest ones! And good for you to fill that bottle with coin. Since we have no $1 coin (readily available), and NO $2 coins in the US (we're still dealing with PENNIES, good grief!), the best we can do is .25 cents. It takes a long time for those to amount to much. After you return to work, you will sure have a bit of fun deciding what to do with your bottle-full. Let us know!

Joy said...

So glad you had such fabulous hols Julie ...... hmmm, a bottle full of $2 coins, great idea!! I might have to try that myself!!! Looking forward to seeing how much is in your bottle ;o).
Joy :o)

Lissa Jane said...

only three bags?? so are you challenging yourself to make a bag a week / year???

take care

PS I save my $5 notes.. its amazing how quickly those suckers add up..

Cath Ü said...

Do you need my address.. three bags so far this month... I am sure you will need to be giving them away soon.... LOL
Marg wouldn't give me her quilt...LOL
Cath Ü