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Monday, January 25, 2010

My baby started High School today!

It doesn’t seem like it, but 9 years have passed since my baby started prep.

Today he began year 8, only 5 years until he completed his secondary education! What an exciting milestone for us all.

P1020454 P1020455

So while he was gone……I cleaned my house!  You thought I was going to say I stitched didn’t you? Occasionally I have to remove the layer of dust that has settled in my home, and the bathrooms always seem to need attention, not to mention changing the sheets and towels.  Then there was the grocery shopping….no stitching for me today.

But….last night was a different story.


Matryoshka Stitchery is complete, tonight I will complete the dolly set.

P1020451This has been sitting in my “to do” box for some time, I usually pick it up when I have nothing else to work on, so it was nice to add the final stitches.

Tomorrow the 26th January, is Australia Day.  How will we be celebrating?  Depending on the weather….36 deg C is the local forecast, so perhaps a day close to the pool and with the air-con going will be the plan. 

Oh and to have Lamb Chops on the Barbie (BBQ), Lamb Chops

pavlovawith Pavlova for dessert? 

Verrry Aussie indeed!

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Linda said...

Awww, your baby IS growing up! It's nice that you took a "first day" picture. I did that every year with my children too.

Absolutely LOVE those stitched dolls! Will have to see about finding that pattern. You work so quickly, or so it seems. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the design. The side of a purse?

In honor of Australia Day, I too will make pav. It's a hit with friends who are unaccustomed to such a different (for us) dessert. Happy Australia Day on Tuesday!

Cath Ü said...

They sure do grow fast..... oh that pav looks divine.. I love pav....
Cath Ü

Bec said...

beautiful stitchery! It certainly doesn't take long for the children to grow up does it.... too quick in some ways and not quick enough in others!