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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

View from my sewing room window…

I have been in the same sewing room for about 12 and half years, and the view has been evolving for much of that time. The room has 4 floor to ceiling windows and a set of glass doors. Great for letting in the natural light, difficult to place furniture…..

In the early years the back yard was just a small patch of grass fenced in with barbed wire beside an old horse paddock, with a climbing/cubby in one corner. Then as the next stage of our estate was subdivided we had the opportunity to buy the adjoining block right off the plan for a really good price. Greg is a keen gardener so it was an opportunity not to be missed.

This is what I see now as I sit opposite my sewing machine using my laptop.


This is what we loosely call our Japanese Garden. The retaining wall behind the sundial is the old boundary of our yard.

The garden shed and caravan shelter have all been added to accommodate our changing lifestyle.


This is the window behind my sewing chair. I can always get a lovely cool breeze through this particular window, along with some much needed light over my shoulder.


This is the view from my ironing board, as you can see it has been raining here in the usually hot and sunny South East Queensland. The rain is so very welcome, and our tanks have been filling nicely.

Thank you to Mary-Ann for starting this thread, it is interesting to look out at what we see every day through new eyes. I have to say that Greg has done a wonderful job with our little patch of Australia.

Thanks for visiting.

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aubirdwoman said...

umm definitely need to consider moving up the road to you.
Congrats. to Greg for all his hard work. It looks fabulous.

Linda said...

Oooo, this is gorgeous! You married a guy with the RIGHT profession. Your yard is beautiful, and an in-ground pool too? What a lucky lady.

Cath Ü said...

Hey I would do this too if I could see out of my windows.... LOL
sorry I am not good at housework at all.....
Cath Ü