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Sunday, December 27, 2009

All over for another year!

As I heave a huge sigh of relief, it is all over for another year!  We had a wonderful day and it was lovely to have most of my family to spend time with.  My youngest sister Leonie and her family were visiting her In-Laws so it was a little on the quiet side without her usual bubbly exuberance.

None the less it was a lovely day.  The morning started with Jordan bounding into our bed urging us to get up!  He had been given strict instructions, no noise or peeking before 7am, I can image it was a big struggle but a challenge he was up for.

Leah and her fiancé Corrie arrived in time for breakfast of toasted waffles, ice-cream, blueberries & mangoes. However, breakfast did have to wait for the gifts to be opened first.


There was much laughter as I tried to set the timer on the camera and run to get into the shot before it went off.

As usual Jordan had the most gifts to open.

After breakfast Leah and Corrie left to visit friends for lunch, returning for dinner with the rest of my family.  While they were gone Greg and I set up our family room to accommodate eleven of us.

P1020348  P1020351

Most of the food had been prepared in advance and there was just the carving and serving to be done once everyone arrived.  By that time I had no chance to photograph all the guests, so I will have to rely on others to send me some photographs of the gang.

Next year was discussed, as always, and we think perhaps, breakfast on the day followed by a vast array of desserts for Christmas Dinner!  It will be interesting to see where we are and what we are doing in 365 days time!

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Linda said...

It's wonderful to see your beautiful family in one photo. Oh how I wish we could have done the same! But I'm happy for you to have been surrounded by so many people you love, and to have enjoyed what sounds like a wonderful meal. The tables looked inviting. Now, you deserve a break... you pretty lady with glam fingers and toes!

aubirdwoman said...

lovely photo, glad you had a lovely Christmas.

Cath Ü said...

Julie that is a lovely family pic of you all.. i still haven't figured out how to work the timer on my camera.... LOL
You table settings looked lovely too...
Cath Ü