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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The last of the birthday celebrations….I hope!

Last night my dear friends Ann, Marg and I had a lovely Birthday/Christmas celebration dinner at a local Thai restaurant, where we chatted up a storm and exchanged gifts.  We shared our meal and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


A Worry Angel Book Mark from Ann was a birthday gift. Ann knows I am a bit of a book worm, and thought the Angel could worry about what is not getting done while I lose myself in a book!

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A Scissors Box from Margaret also a birthday gift. Handmade and painted by Marg’s good friends Cath & Ron Walker.

After the birthday gifts were unwrapped and admired we moved on to the Christmas Gift swapping.  I think the proprietors of The Thai Mountain were beginning to think we had settled in for the night, we were the last to leave!!


From Ann, Cup Cakes – Who can resist them…..certainly not me! I think the embroidered hand towel is just fantastic, I have it hanging in my kitchen where I can see it at any time of the day, the men in my life have been given strict instructions not to touch it! Fortunately they aren’t well acquainted with the kitchen so staying away from the oven should be fairly easy for them both!


A delightful pail, (another of Cath & Ron’s designs) and this cute little mug bag filled with tea and coffee sachets came from Margaret.

I feel so very fortunate to have such generous and caring friends.  These women and I have been friends for almost 19 years and we discussed the possibility of having a special weekend away to celebrate our 20th Anniversary….I may introduce them to “The Road Trip”

The cup is already packed into the mug bag along with the little cork coaster in preparation for work next year.

I will be able to remember their wonderful friendship each morning at ‘Smoko Time’

Thanks for visiting.

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cinzia said...

What lovely friends and such delightful gifts. Happy belated birthday

Cath Ü said...

hey pressies like that I bet you wish it was your birthday every week... on second thoughts... can you imagine how old we would be now... LOL lets not do that then...LOL Glad you liked the little things we made.....
Cath Ü