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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Storm coming……

As I type this blog post the sky is very dark and grumbly, Georgie is trying to find a ‘lap’ to sit on and quiver, but no one is obliging and she has had to content herself to sitting on my feet until a better offer comes along.

This morning Jordan woke me with a request to make a ‘Christmas Tree,’ in my still half asleep stupor I didn’t really understand what he was asking, so when I was more awake he explained that on TV earlier there as a segment on making a Christmas tree using tiered star cookies and then iced and decorated with sweets.

As I didn’t have the star cookie cutters (at the time) he happily settled for this Gingerbread House Kit from the local Aldi Store.  I just had to make some glue (icing) so Jordan could put it all together.  He needed a little help to hold some of the pieces but apart from that it is all his own work.

P1020299 P1020300


I met a friend while at the supermarket checkout and she told me the Star Cookie Cutters were available at Woolworths, and yes we found them in stock.  We will probably have a go at the tree soon.


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Sally Westcott said...

Hi Julie,

Gingerbread house looks good enough to eat! Hugz