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Saturday, December 19, 2009

As they say in the classics….. but wait, there’s more!

I almost forgot my good friend Debbie, she invited me over for morning tea on Thursday, she is one of the best cooks I know, and we have a standing joke about her delicious Melting Moment Biscuits….but I will not disclose it here!!!


Debbie suggested I may like to make a scarf to go with jeans for next winter and she knows how much I love charm squares.

Now I know there are others who have given me wonderful birthday gifts and if they read my blog may feel I have forgotten them, but I haven't, Mum gave me money to spend, as did my sisters Wanda & Leonie, along with a lovely champagne glass emblazoned with  50 in diamantes,  Greg gave me a white gold neck chain and 2 CD’s I had been hinting about, Jordan gave me a Taylor Swift CD. Leah tells me her gift is still coming? Toni gave me some Le Reve Perfume, Jenny (a friend of many years) took me our for a lovely dinner a few weeks ago as an early celebration, a bottle of champagne from Marie and a tea cup telling the world I am 50 from Carolyn, both work friends.

Now I have bored you all enough with my log and drawn out birthday celebrations,  I must say many people have reminded me “You don’t turn Fifty every day!” my answer is usually, “what other birthday do you do more than once?”

This birthday has really been special, it has shown me just how many wonderful people I have in my life and that I have other wonderful people out there who read my blog and allow me to share my little piece of heaven on earth with them.

To you all, Thank you!

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scrapsalot said...

Hi Julie

Glen Innes - my nephew Wayne is the manager of the Camera House there. Not a big touristy place for people to visit so it was a surprise to see such a place in print.

Second thing, what date was your birthday? Mine was on the 9th Dec. I turned 40. Happy birthday wishes to you.

Sharon, South Coast NSW