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Monday, December 21, 2009

Only 4 more sleeps!

Christmas is almost upon us and I have now decorated my blog for the festive season.

There are so many great sites out there with helpful advice and free stuff to use on a blog I can’t help but get a bit carried away with it all.

Today I used my publishing program to print out a calendar for the next few days, so I can have a bit of a timetable for chores needing to be completed.  Yes I am a control freak!

No……to use the works of my mother……”I’m just organised!”

Today I’m having my hair done and I need to make the shortbread. Tomorrow I’m having my nails done, and I need to ice the Christmas Cake… you can see a pattern forming….I’m not only ‘very organised’ I’m a little self absorbed too NO…..just needing to take a little more care with ones appearance now one has entered the second half of ones life!  I sound a touch Royal don’t I?

Oh and here is our tree…….


Christmas 2009

I wish all those caught up in the preparations for Christmas some coolish weather, a good parking space at the shops, comfortable shoes, helpful sales assistants, a full purse and grateful family and friends who appreciate all the effort you go to!!! 

Oh and a big glass of whatever you care to imbibe so that if all the above fails to happen you will forget in time for the main event! Salute!

Thanks for visiting.

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Linda said...

What a Christmas-y blog to visit! You're definitely in the spirit of the season. But I love your Christmas tree colors the most. I haven't seen a purple tree, but it's the best!