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Saturday, December 05, 2009

5 more working days……

I can hardly believe I have just written those words….just 5 more working days! This week has been wonderful, with the holidays so close I can almost taste them. I’ve dabbled with some different crafts in my sewing room.

A Christmas Wish is complete!



Right down to the label.


My sister Wanda and my niece Sharna had birthdays in November and these are the cards I made for them.

P1020236 P1020237 This bag was made from the leftover fabric of another bag project, that started out with insufficient fabric, to end up with enough leftover to use in several other smaller bag projects. Life is Strange!

I’ve been working on some Christmas Gifts, so those photographs won’t be posted for a little while yet.

P1020239 P1020241

My daughter Leah, (on the right) is having a Hen’s Night tonight and with her bridesmaid Jessica (on the left) they designed a skirt for themselves to wear over black legging's. Unfortunately their design skills didn’t stretch to actual cutting and stitching them, so Mum to the rescue!

Fortunately I was able to replicate in tulle and elastic exactly (they say) what they had in mind. They both marveled at the speed and abilities of my trusty Overlocker, and I heard Leah say to Jess “Look Jess, I’m using the GOOD SCISSORS!”

Obviously I haven’t encouraged Leah to spend time with me in my sewing room……I know, I’m a Bad Mother!!!!

P1020247 These are just two of the projects we worked on at Kylie’s Stampin’ Up Workshop. Stamping onto candles and a Sweet Treat Box, there was also a decorated tree bauble, but I missed photographing it.

I was so taken by the Candle Stamping I had to do more, here are my attempts from last night.


These were very simple and really make a plain pillar candle look special.

The process involves stamping onto white tissue paper, positioning the image where you would like it to be, wrapping the candle in greaseproof paper, holding it tightly to create a kind of hand grip behind the image, applying heat from a heat gun to slightly melt the surface of the candle. The tissue paper vanishes into the slightly melted layer of wax. Remove greaseproof paper and it’s done! It’s quick and effective.

Today is going to be hot, hot, hot, here in SEQ and the pool is looking very inviting. I may swim to cool off then retreat to my sewing room to work on a few already started projects.

Then again Greg is talking about visiting a nursery to get some plants for the front garden…… who knows what the day will bring? I do love an adventure!

Thanks for visiting….

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debbie said...

Hi Julie, Just admiring your quilting, is it all freehand? I have never been game to try it, how did you learn? It looks great by the way.

Linda said...

I always enjoy reading your doin's, Julie. Such a wonderful variety of things. Your "Christmas Wish" quilt is gorgeous! And I love how you could show off your sewing savvy to Leah and her friend. Cool.

You make me giggle. It seems you're always counting down to something. Lift-off!

Sally Westcott said...

You really have been a busy little beaver this week! I love the quilt.

Ta for your nice comments on my blog - I have no idea why you can't comment! How frustrating!


cinzia said...

Love your quilt and the cards... boy have you beenbusy

Fran C said...

You have crammed a lot into your week everything is lovely even the girls (G). Will have to give the candle thing a go although I haven't got a heat gun - yet-

Jane or Ozjane said...

Lovely Julie, especially the finished quilt....I have just finished the tracing,,,
love the candles also.

Janellybelly said...

This comment is for the 11th December -

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Julie
Happy Birthday to you!

Love Janelle
PS The Parcel has been posted & is on it's way :)