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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Time at last…

It’s been a little while since my last blog post, but for those who know how I like a count-down…will remember I was counting down to my holidays beginning.  They started last Friday, which coincided with my 50th birthday.

My wonderful husband planned a surprise weekend away for us both.  Jordan and Georgie stayed with Grandma and we headed off on a road trip.

Just one of the many things we have in common, our enjoyment of road trips. The final destination was Tamworth in the New England area of Northern New South Wales.

On the journey we stayed in Glen Innes then had morning tea in Armidale.  These buildings are a mix of old and new.

P1020252 P1020254

On arrival in our motel in Tamworth we unloaded and set off to see the sights of the Country Music Capital of Australia!!

P1020255 P1020257

The Golden Guitar              Shady Streetscape

P1020258 P1020259

                                       Street Art

The next day we went to a little town called Nundle.

P1020267 This quaint little store held all sorts of goodies.

P1020269 P1020268 P1020270 P1020271

This spectacular view is from Hanging Rock, the temperature was noticeably cooler as we checked out the sights, the flies were also enjoying the slightly cooler temps too it would seem!

P1020284 P1020276

Back in Glen Innes again we visited The Standing Stones




My very own Lancelot

 P1020280 P1020281

                     The Crofter’s Cottage


Greg was feeling a little sorry for me as we hadn’t managed to visit and Patchwork Shops as our timing was out, so he checked out the local telephone book at the motel and saw there was a Patchwork Shop in Inverell, so that’s where we went. 


After visiting a cold weather nursery in Glen Innes, where we bought a lovely conifer (not sure if it will survive in our climate) and some pink Lavender.

It will be interesting to see how the conifer survives.

That’s how we spent the first weekend of my holidays, and my birthday weekend too.  Since arriving home my feet have hardly hit the ground… many things to do in preparation for Christmas, I know I not alone there.

Thanks for visiting.

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