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Friday, November 27, 2009

Only two weeks ‘til the holidays…..

This week has whizzed by so fast, it won’t be long until I get to SHOUT: THE HOLIDAYS ARE FINALLY HERE!

Looking forward to that….. in the mean time this is how I spent my week.


This quilt was completed in 1997, at about the time Jordan was born, it comes from a block of the month way back when Blocks of the month were quite a novelty. I can’t remember who put this one out and silly me didn’t include that information on the label.

There is a combination of machine piecing, hand appliqué and hand quilting. The sashings have faded quite considerably but I do love the way it has aged to a very soft cuddly feel. This must be how the women who made today’s antique quilts must have seen their quilts age?


This week is a momentous week indeed, I have unrolled my very first Jelly Roll! That is not to say it is my first Jelly Roll, I have a number…..just haven’t actually unrolled one as yet! Will this one make it into a project…….? Only time will tell!

P1020221 P1020222

This week at a Stampin’ Up Workshop Kylie demonstrated rub-on’s. This simple glass was made quite special with the addition of an Owl. An idea tucked away for future gifts.

The pink gift tag was made using a technique Kylie called “Kissing” it involved using one solid rubber stamp with another that had a filigree type design to spice up the first. Unfortunately I mistakenly put the finishing touch ribbon and button on the back of my card, so my stamp isn’t shown in the above photograph…..not to worry it looks cute just the same.


Here is my framed Stitchery. I had forgotten to blog about it’s final completion.


Christmas Wish has now been quilted….. I felt it took a little while to get into the groove, but by the end I felt loose and relaxed…let’s hope it happens sooner with my next machine quilting project!


I felt very brave attempting some stylized feather quilting in the last border. I knew with the amount of quilting I had done on the blocks and sashings of the quilt meant that the borders would require a similar density to keep it flat, and after a few false starts I came up with a design that worked well. The was a little practice at my unpicking skills, but once completed I was really pleased I took the time to unpick, the finish was well worth it.

Now to the binding….

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Sally Westcott said...

No wonder you are counting down the the school holidays! Amazing amount of stuff happening! Very pretty!

I have 2 weeks before the teachers leave the building! Ah peace! Now we can get stuff done!


PS love the feathers!


Kali said...

Wow Julie, what impressive projects you've shown today. Love the old BOM..just shows how much quilt fashions change (faster than dress fashions I think sometimes!). And the little owl on the glasses is very cute...I'm really partial to owls, among other animals. And your quilting!...You clever thing!

Fran C said...

Lovely old BOM. and new stitcheries I'm envious of your machine quilting can't get mine even yet more practice needed.

cinzia said...

feather quilting... oh I wish I could! Isn't it amazing how our colour choices have changed over the year.. lovely design

Cath Ü said...

Ohhh you unpick... LOL and hey you have unrolled a jelly roll... I don't even own one... Love the stitchery...

Old quilt looks good too.. but hey everything you do looks good.....

Cath Ü

Linda said...

Rah, rah Julie! Hooray for you! Your machine quilting is wonderful, and I'm just as pleased as can be that you got more comfortable as you went along. It shows! You'll be an award-winning free-motion domestic machine quilter before you know it! Keep up the fabulous work.

We must Skype soon!

aubirdwoman said...

fabulous I need to move to live just up the road from you. lol