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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Post Retreat weekend….

This week has been one for recovering! I must be getting old, it took until Friday for me to feel like I had caught up on sleep I missed while stitching/chatting/laughing/eating/and generally having a great time.

Feeling a little brain dead I decided to write myself a list of what I needed to get done, including my stitching projects. All but a few of the perennial chores were ticked off.


This pair of Rolly Nesters have been so useful. The larger one is about the size of a shoe-box, and now holds my crochet cotton and tea towels ready for making into double kitchen towels. The smaller once holds the crochet hooks!

P1020182A camera case.


A pouch to store my collection of Rick Rack.


MP3 Case, thanks to Debbie M for the inspiration!

P1020199 P1020200

This bag has a story…..I bought the pattern several months ago, I bought the fabric several months ago too. Took it to retreat and firstly made a mistake with the cutting, instead of reading the instructions I gave the diagrams a cursory glance….it’s not like a haven’t made a bag before!!

After I realized my mistake I then realized I had not bought enough fabric for the bag even if I hadn’t made a mistake, I had about enough for half a bag. Fortunately my local Spotlight still had the same furnishing weight fabric in store, so I could breath a sigh of relief…..the bag was saved!

It wasn’t the first mistake I made over the course of the Retreat, much to the delight of those sharing the table with me!

P1020202 Stitchery from my stash.P1020204 Scissors snap into place inside the heart shaped pocket.

A story to this project too…. I bought the pattern as a kit about 12 months ago, I loved the store sample and thought the kit price of $15 was very reasonable, little did I know more than ever before I would be muttering,

“You get what you pay for….”

The original sample and pattern instructions called for strip piecing the front using a variety of 2” strips, the kit contained 2 pieces of fabric, OK I can work with that…..the instructions may have been written in English but…..the proof reading stage was certainly given a miss.

How many of you know how difficult it is to bind a curved edge with straight cut binding? Very! Unfortunately there was insufficient fabric to cut bias, the instructions said to cut strait across the width……hence the use of the “Brown” fabric on the inside pocket and button loop.

The instructions on how to make the pocket under the curved flap weren’t included, so I made those up!

By the time I finished the blasted thing, I was sorry I bought it in the first place, although it turned out ok in the end! No thanks to the pattern-writers/kit packers!

The Double Irish Chain I began at Retreat, now has all the blocks stitched together. I am working on the first border. The quilt top is at that stage where I keep wanting to look at it, I especially go to the doorway of my sewing room and just look at it, does anyone else do that? It is too long to use my table for pinning and I am dreading getting down onto the floor…..but get down I must!

Thanks for visiting.

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Linda said...

First, I love the new look of your blog. Very cute. Second, I enjoy seeing your finished projects. You've really accomplished a lot... sticking to that list, I'm sure.

Interesting about the poorly written, proofread (not!) kit. If the designer is ready to hire help, refer her to me. I'm always available for the occasional freelance job.

Cath Ü said...

I know what you mean about wanting to keep looking at things you are making... I am the same with my dolls... LOL

I never read instructions... only if I fall into a hole do I resort to reading the instructions... I am a shocker...... but I do agree with you some designers write terrible instructions.... and some places do not know how to kit a pattern up properly... now having said that... I hope I do well as I will be kitting and selling my patterns next year..... I do love your little accessory case though.. but I did wonder why the different colour binding... now I know why.... LOL
Love that bag too... red is my colour...
Cath Ü