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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where have you been?

Oh that’s right, it was me who was missing…

I’ve been retreating….. each year I organize a Quilters Retreat with 26 or so wonderfully creative women.  This year was no exception.  We arrived in dribs and drabs on Friday afternoon/night and after settling ourselves into our sleeping quarters and setting up our sewing areas we proceeded to get reacquainted with those we haven’t seen since Retreat 2008.  Some new faces this year and some who missed previous years joined us again in ‘09.

Lets see what antics we got up to.

P1020121 P1020120 P1020119 P1020141This peacock as too fast for me to catch clearly, he came with a mate, as in a friend-mate, not a partner-mate.  I thought they were looking for Helen, she has peacocks….. apparently these ones were not familiar to her?

P1020122 Gail and RensP1020123 Noleen and Robyn

P1020124Julie M


P1020127 Tracy, Sue & Gem

P1020128Jill & Jodie

 P1020129 Susan & Cara

P1020130 P1020131P1020132Sanchia & Lyn

P1020133 Helen & Bev

P1020134 Debbie & Noleen

P1020135 Ann

P1020136 Linda

P1020137 Robin

P1020138 Natalie & Tania

P1020140 P1020139

Gail’s last meal….she managed to bring a tummy bug with her, so kept fairly quiet during the weekend, although managed to get a reasonable amount of work done just the same.

P1020145 P1020146

P1020147 P1020148

Meal times were a hoot, chatting and laughing their way  through each meal.

P1020149Debbie P1020150with Ann, lady in waiting!

P1020163 Margaret gets reacquainted with her work.

P1020164 P1020165 P1020154 P1020168 P1020171 P1020162 P1020174 P1020169

Look at all those happy faces…….

P1020176         P1020175 P1020172           P1020166P1020151  P1020152 P1020161

P1020153      P1020155 P1020157    P1020158 P1020159    P1020160

A small sample of what we worked on.

P1020177 This is what I worked on, just the blocks mind, it was Monday at home before I got to place them, and there they stay.

Is it any wonder I am still recovering?

Thanks for visiting…..

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Sally Westcott said...

I'm exhausted just looking at the photos!

Looks like a very good job, very well done!

Good girl Julie!


Linda said...

Your retreat looks and sounds like ones we have in the US. The same anticipation, the same sewing, the same chatting, laughing, eating, and occasional sleeping. Fun, fun! So glad to see the progress on your Double Irish Chain. It looks lovely.

Linda Robertus said...

Itwas a great weekend Julie, thanks again! Looking forward to next year.

Cath Ü said...

looks like a lot of fun was had by all and some wonderful things were created.....
Hope we have as much fun at our retreat next year...
Cath Ü

SueBK said...

Like you, it took me most of the week to recover. I always think retreat is too short; until I get home and realise how dead tired I am.
Even with the trauma of Friday night I had a great time and achieved far more than I expected.
Thanks for doing such a good job of organising it to be fun.

Jenny said...

I see everyone has had a wonderful
time and accomplised heaps love all the photo's