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Friday, August 07, 2009

Ah Friday.... my very favourite day of the week!

This week has been a much more pleasant one that last week.  No extra hours at work, no grocery shopping to do and best off all, no lurgy to fight off.

This afternoon as I type I am listening to the Dixie Chicks and singing at the top of my voice, while working on yet another little project.  Well I've gotta get a head start on next Fridays' Flaunt!


  • Breast of Friends BOM Block 11 
  • by Rosalie Quinlan

The next item on the agenda is..........


  • The Gracie Handbag
  • Lazygirl Designs

yes another bag.....

Some of you may have noticed I have a fondness for making bags......I also have a fondness' for collecting patterns of bags, so my plan is to go to my folder of very neatly filed patterns and begin to make up some of my pattern collection.

P1010937 P1010938

These folders are A5 sized with clear plastic sleeves, and I confess they are both full.

As you may also have noticed I have learned how to add a watermark to my photographs....I do love technology!

Leah is celebrating your 20th Birthday this Monday so I plan on making her a bag.  I have fabric she chose back in 2006 still waiting to be used, so perhaps that is my plan this weekend.......

It will be a hard weekend to take, Jordan is spending the weekend at a friends place for a birthday celebration.  So it is just Greg and I oh and my sewing machine!


Sally Westcott said...

Hi Julie, Love the bags!

How about a quick tutorial on how to add watermarks? Would be very useful.



cinzia said...

Clever bunny with the watermark! yes I agree a tutorial would be handy.
Also love your BOM this week.

Linda said...

As always, Julie, your applique is lovely. And yes! How did you know I associate you with totes and bags!? It's commendable that you're making something useful and lovely too. Have fun with your sewing machine...errr Greg, next week!

aubirdwoman said...

not just bags Linda.
Ask and Auntie Julie do I know this roflo.

Anonymous said...

Always love looking at your bags Julie! We've started to sort some of our patterns into ringbinders too... horrifying how many you end up with it isn't it!

Jane or Ozjane said...

I am envious of people who have made up Gracie. I turned this room upside down to find the black and white kit I actually purchased to make me get to and make it.
I eventually found the kit....lost my cutting table and now have to clean up.

Khris said...

Your work is unreal it all..and you get so much amaze me with how much you get done..hugs Khris