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Saturday, August 15, 2009

My week in review.....

I woke up on Monday the 10th August and before I knew it, I was waking up on Friday the 14th?  Where on earth do the days go?

Monday was a celebration of our lovely daughter Leah's 20th Birthday, not only do the days go fast, but also the years!

Leah 10th Aug 1989 17/8/89 the day we left hospital

I've scanned a few photographs of Leah's first year.  The activity has brought back so many memories, both happy and sad.

Christening Day This is taken from a small scrap book I did with left over photographs from my bigger scrapbook projects. It was the 17th December 1989, my sister Wanda and her husband Shaun were Leah's God Parents.

I made her Christening Gown, and she looked like a little doll.

It was a lovely day, we had family and friends to celebrate with us, those are the happy memories...... the sad memories come from the fact that her father was dead from brain cancer before she started school.

I often wondered if I would have wanted to know our future, and now I know I would not! It's hard enough to negotiate life with no pre-warning, I'm not sure I would have survived if I knew what life had in store for us all.

Now back to the happy memories we continue to create every day, because to do otherwise would be a a waste of a life and I know Leah's father watches her every day and marvels at what a fantastic young woman she has grown into! 

Happy Birthday our darling Leah!


The singing was horrendous!

P1010944 Nana, Jordan Greg, Leah and Corrie.

My mother joined us for Leah's favourite meal of Lamb Chops. I had planned on making a cake but instead I made a trip to The Cheese Cake Shop.

Comments on the number of candles were answered with two candles + zero candles = 20, seems obvious to me?


The Fat Quarters Bag by Melly & Me

This was part of her gift.  She chose this fabric back in 2006 when I made a bag for her year 12 Form teacher as a parting gift,  There were so many things going on in our lives at the end of 2006 it just didn't happen.  Leah would occasionally remind me of 'our' bag plans, so this birthday I though it would make a clever surprise.  I was right, she loved it!


P1010948 P1010949

Melting Moment by Blue Willows Design

I bought this pattern at the Brisbane Craft Show in October 2008.  It grabbed my attention because of the gorgeous Suffolk Puffs or Yo-Yo's as some call them.  It is quite small, but amazingly the circles needed to create the bag seemed huge!  The accompanying needle case completes the set. All fabrics came from my stash, for that I am very proud!!

Another week bites the dust!


cinzia said...

Just love them.. some people are very creative

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing a little of Leah's story: a beautiful baby and a pretty young woman. She's blessed to have a mom like you. And one who makes such pretty bags! You really have a knack there.

And thanks for teaching me something too. Who knew a yo-yo is also called a Suffolk Puff?! Oh, the things you can learn in the blogosphere.

Catherine said...

A lovely post Julie! It is amazing how time flies!! Cathyx

Anonymous said...

Lovely bags once again... and what looked like a lovely family celebration

Contented Caroline said...

Glad Leah had a lovely birthday. It is good to revisit the past, no matter how hard, those moments, good and bad have all contributed to making you the person you are today.

Sue said...

Great bags once again Julie, and lovely family photos.
Love the needlecase also.

Kate quilts... said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Leah. :)

Your bags look lovely. I'm not a bag-maker, though I do like the idea of them.

Are you still working on your DJ?