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Friday, July 31, 2009

Flaunting on week in review


This week was a busy one at work.  Extra hours meant less time at home for my other duties.  No housework done as I have also been fighting a lurgy...probably only a sinus thingy, as it didn't hang around more than a couple of days.  I did do a bit of nanny napping so perhaps that has helped in my recovery, oh and that other "old wives tale" rubbing my feet with Vicks Vapour Rub and wearing socks to bed.

So this is what I have managed to get finished in time for my Friday Flaunt.


The Petite Purse from Kimie's Quilts at Indygo Junction

This little Cutie was fun to make.  I used a pack of scraps I bought on a recent outing. I do love the scraps of others.


Breast of Friends Block 9 - By Bronwyn Hayes

A combination of needle turn and blanket stitched applique has made this block a little different. 

I really like the rick-rack too!



Breast of Friends Block 10 - by Lynette Anderson

This block is looking a little plain, once again I have omitted the cross stitched outline, but I really think this one needs it.  Perhaps my Flaunt is a little eager on this particular block.

I did consider waiting until later tonight to post, as by then I may have finished the next block, then I thought a head start on next weeks update may be a better idea!

Looking forward to another lovely weekend here in SE Qld, the sunshine is wonderful at this time of the year, although it can still burn so I only spend enough time out side to get my dose of vitamin D, while I have a cuppa and read a chapter or two of my book.

Thanks for stopping by......


Sally Westcott said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the promo on QDU. I've had a look at Pam's blog too. You two are making me feel exhausted! So much productivity! Hope you get over your bug - mine lasted on and off for 4 weeks - I rejoined the human race about wednesday this week.


Linda said...

For being under the weather, you've admirably motivated yourself! And working too?! You must be related to Wonder Woman!

As always, your work is lovely. What a darling purse. Great job, Julie!

Now, feel better. Okay?

PamelaJ said...

You Have time to read !!! I must admit to sitting in the sun and reading the paper and fondling my newest fabric from Fabric shack !! Nice work.!

Jane said...

There is something special about the scraps of others.
I have bought another Moda scrap bag while Hancocks have a two day free shipping...also lots of fusible fleece which I seem to use a lot of.
I made a nice bag.....sans handle out of the last Moda scrap bag..the Kaufman ones were not good value but the Moda one was great.
Have nothing much to show except stuff in on Christmas Dresdens

cinzia said...

How did you fit in being under the weather with all of the other fantastic things. I'm not working at present and couldn't have managed half of that. Thanks for showing us.

Solstitches said...

Another fabulous bag Julie!
You have been busy - love those blocks too.


Kerri said...

I dont know how you do it. I havent done any stitching while I have had the bug. Hope to do some today but I think the bug is back again. Love your little bag. And also your Breast of Friends blocks too. Im so fare behind. You go girl. Thanks for the birthday gifts too.

Hope you are feeling better soon



Sue said...

Bags look great Julie, and so do the stitcheries. I think I spend too much time on here, but I have finished a quilt or two for the littlies. Sorry to hear you weren't well. I check out your blog often!

I have down loaded a couple of photos on my blog but I seem to have so much trouble with my photos since I got the new camera. I think they have too much resolution for the blog.
Cheers Julie
Love Sue