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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Newest member of our family (**edited 26/7 @ 1.32pm)

** (I have it on good authority thanks to Helen and Mandy that out new family member is in fact a Bourke's Parrot although they have conflicting views to it's sex) edited 26/7 1.32pm


I found this little budgie walking around in my yard on the weekend. It's very tame and not at all timid. It hopped right into my hand. I asked the neighbours if they had lost a bird, but no one has put their hand up. As we have no bird cages floating about our garage, the budgie spent the night in the laundry, sleeping on top of the dryer.

Sunday we decided to buy a cage and some food. Greg was certain as soon as we spent any money on it an owner would turn up.

So far no.....Jordan has named it Zelda, not sure if it is male or female, but it has a pretty pink chest so perhaps it's a girl???

She sure made herself right at home!

P1010923 P1010924


Catherine said...

Talk about a couple of old birds...what a tweet, hope it didnt ruffle your feathers, the yolks on you...ok that was really lame!! What a cute bird...and the budgies sweet too...(enough you say!!) Cathyx

Sally Westcott said...

very sweet little bird Julie. Looks as thogh she/he has made itself right at home!