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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Block of the Month Projects update


Tisket a Tasket Block 7

Thanks to Cathy's busy schedule, it looks like I have taken out the challenge!  I really appreciate her giving me a 'hurry-up' I certainly produce more under a little pressure!


Gail Pan's Christmas BOM block 7

The red fabric I have used to border the first 6 blocks has come to an end, so I decided to go with something totally different, I think it will work, especially as I have some beautiful Christmas fabrics to use to put it all together.


Catherine said...

And the winner is.....JULIE!!
Wait til next month!!!
I like your version of the block...might just have to copy...

cinzia said...

don't they look cute.

bingo~bonnie said...

Julie, I'm just lovin your show-N-tell blocks ;) they are both great. I just began my fist block of Christmas Wishes this week.. and hope to catch up soon enough. I think it's neat that you decided to go with all red stiching with this - I've also seen a couple others do the same. But for me this is my first stitchery that I'm actually using colors other than red ;) so I'm looking forward to it.

By the way - the Bunny hill I'm saving... I am waiting to learn hand applique first before I attempt them... but as a mom of 3 little ones I have no idea how long until I can take a class. Maybe some blogger will have a step by step tutorial for people like me. I need someone to show/tell me what to buy and how to use it. LOL

Love from Texas! ~bonnie