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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday Flaunt 17th July 09

First week back at work after almost 3 weeks off has been a struggle. My hernia op site has been giving me some trouble too. Nothing drastic, but as I have obviously been moving around a lot more being back at work than I was at home, I have been feeling it a bit more than I expected.

Not really a suitable excuse for not having much to flaunt, but I will use whatever I can right now!!!

A little something to show for the week.....


Block 6 of Tisket a Tasket BOM


"Buttons" Vision ATC Swap

Vision is the group I have belonged to for about 18 years, we get together twice a month and for the last year, nine of us have been swapping ATC's once a month. Each member has chosen a theme for the swap, next month is Self-Portrait......hummmm my thinking cap is on!

What I haven't shown are the 5 blocks I have done all the prep work for in the Breast of Friends BOM from The Australian Homespun Magazine. Now I can do the enjoyable portion or these BOM's the stitching.....


Anonymous said...

Are'nt the Bunny Hill blocks gorgeous? I've yet to start to do mine, as I could decide what I wanted to do, but now have, and just need time to prep the blocks.

cinzia said...

the boot quilt would suit many of my friends.. it is gorgeous

Catherine said...

Good to hear from you...hope your wound is okay!!
I am up to my eye-brows in reports this weekend...thats why Im blogging...its called avoidance! Have no fear of loosing our little comp...havent even printed the latest block yet...cant wait til these repoerts are finished!!
Looking forward to seeing your Breast Friend blocks...I have nearly finished No 1 and 2!! Cathyx

Lisar said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog...I sometimes wonder if anyone actually reads my a comment is always a boost....I love your are so prolific...especially love your Breast Of Friends Quilt...I have grand plans to make this....hmmmm but when!!!

bingo~bonnie said...

I don't know how i missed seeing your Bunny Hill BOM block... it is SO Pretty! I just love the fabrics you choose for the flowers.. and that you used one a shade lighter.

You have a great eye for colors and fabrics! ;)

I will have to flip back thru your past posts and look up your other Bunny Hill blocks. ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie