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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Breast of Friends block 8 (**Actually Block 5)

(**Edit post:-this is actually block 5 wishful thinking perhaps?)

Today I have completed Block 8 from the BOM put out by Australian Homespun Magazine, while watching the second series of Friends on DVD.

This block has been designed by Annie Downs, and it is the biggest block so far. Once again I have completed the applique using the back basting technique, and I'm still enjoying the technique very much.


Now it is time to work on another BOM project, this time from Bunny Hill Designs, I have been issued a challenge from my friend Cathy, she is also doing this cute little BOM and I do love a challenge!


Maree said...

Looking Great Julie...

Megan said...

Julie - your block looks absolutely sensational. The pattern published in the magazine left out the 'Sale' sign that Anni had in her original. It's available to download, trace and stitch from the Homespun website at (Look under the 'Corrections'tab.
I liked the effect of the diamond pattern print fabric you used as a border. I wouldn't have expected it to 'work', but it adds a lot of life and energy to the block without overpowering it.
Megan Fisher
Technical Editor
Homespun magazine

Linda said...

Julie, this is beautiful! Finished off, just as it is, would also make for a lovely piece. But how darling this will be with the entire project! I think it's great that you like the back-basting technique too. Having recently tried it for the first time myself, I can't imagine appliqueing any other way now.

aubirdwoman said...

fabulous I love it.
oh I wish friends wouldn't post links to tempt me. lol

aubirdwoman said...

meant to add hope you are feeling better )

Catherine said...

Your Block 8 looks terrific...just so you can gloat, I have only completed block 2 of this quilt...don't think I'll issue a challenge there!!
HAve a great day, Cathyx

Julie said...

Looks gorgeous. Annie does such lovely designs.