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Saturday, May 09, 2009

A week without blog posts......

Could only mean one thing......I'm sick!!!!!!  What apart from being sick in the head I hear you ask! I've come down with a chest cold and I'm feeling a bit miserable.

I took to my bed yesterday after work, unheard of for me, I usually soldier on making those around me sick!!!LOL  Must be on the mend, my sense of humour is returning.

As I type I have a man doing a termite inspection, Greg found evidence of termite action recently, but it seems as if we may have caught them before too much damage has been done.

Not my idea of a pleasant experience.  The man says we have been extremely unlucky....ya think? Apparently our gardens and house extremities have all been done suitably, except a small section where the concretor's have covered a part of two weep holes beneath the ensuite window, this is where the termites have gained entry.  Right now the exterminator is in the roof checking to see what other damage may have been done, then he is going to drown the suckers with poison.......! May just use the main bathroom for a little while!!!

Today I am preparing some more the The Breast of Friends Blocks, oh and a few of the other BOM's I have found, need to be prepared too.

P1010826 P1010827

A change of scenery on my blog, if anyone is interested in where I get my backgrounds and headers check this blog out.

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Maree said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...sorry to hear about the Termites hope it's not all bad ...Enjoy your BOM's...

retdairyqueen said...

Just popped in to see your blog Really enjoyed Lots of lovely work

Sarah said...

Oh, I must get back into my BOF - I have only done 2 blocks!!