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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Almost recovered, now I'm just lacking motivation..........

So I thought a photographic blog post was in order.


Me and my two sisters.  Wanda far left and Leonie in the middle.  We took mum out for dinner Saturday night last week to celebrate Mothers Day.


We had a lovely evening.

P1010835 P1010836

My Mothers Day Gift

P1010837 P1010838

I have yet to research the origin or any history of this little beauty, but I am looking forward to doing a bit of 'google-ing' to see what I can find.

I am beginning to think that the collector of sewing machines in our family is actually Greg!

Leah & Corrie bought me some lovely flowers, my creative daughter was concerned that they were really a bunch of greenery, due to the buds not having opened as yet. So she incorporated a few fake flowers to give the bunch some colour!

Last night, almost a week later the bunch is looking spectacular and now has a couple of fully opened flowers (real ones that is)

Her other gift is for her and I to have a girls night, and she plans on taking me out for dinner, when I'm fully recovered from my cold that is!



1 comment:

Maree said...

Lovely piccie of your & your sisters...Very Nice MD Gift you got too..a lovely one to add to the collection...Glad to hear you are feeling Better....Hope you find your MOJO...