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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another block completed

I did manage to pick up my needle last weekend amid the Mother's day festivities.  While on a picnic with my in-laws I quietly worked on this BOM from Gail Pan. I find it keeps me from putting my foot in it, if I lose myself in embroidery!

Something my dear husband is forever grateful! Being tactful isn't my strong suit, and my in-laws seem to bring out the worst in me! I was so glad I have something to distract me, that allows me to smile, nod my head and ah-ha at appropriate times, but basically keep my mouth shut!

It was a lovely day!!



Maree said...

This Quilt is going to be Gorgeous with that Rich background fabric..I Love it...I am nodding about the In-Laws totally with You on that least you thought of something to take...good on You.

Catherine said...

Ahh what a good idea...I will need to take a stitchery when I visit my Mother, visit other relatives, go to staff meeting, go into town, go to Spotlight, go through the cash register at 2km hour cause the chick is sooo slow...
Lets face it I'm just becoming a grumpy intolerant 40+ woman who says it how it is with very little, if any tact.... Ohh.. if only that road between my mouth and brain was a little less congested!!
Pleased Im not alone!!