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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Breast of Friends BOM Block #3


Block #3 designed by Natalie Bird

"I love school holidays!" 

I never thought I would be the kind of parent who said those words! Now that I work in a job that revolves around the school holidays, I have a whole new understanding of their value!

No longer do I wonder what to do with the kids during these weeks, no longer to I try to fit 'spring' or any other season cleaning into them.......these holidays are designed for rest and recuperation....oh and stitching of course!

With only one school aged child at home, I admit I am extremely fortunate.....Jordan is very self sufficient, and if left to his own devices manages to fill his days with very little input from me.

When I am left to my own devices  I stitch....or read....or watch DVD's....or whatever I like really...... for me this short holiday has been about finishing WIP's.

The newest edition of Australian Homespun Vol. 10.4 has arrived at my place, and I am besotted with the project on page 19 by Kellie Wulfshon, I follow her blog and love her free motion raw edge applique designs, this project is calling me! LOUDLY!

1 comment:

Maree said...

This is a Pretty Block...Lucky You getting School Hols Off...Enjoy the rest of them...I am a Kellie fan Too just had to have her New Pattern...Yum...