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Saturday, April 25, 2009

First day wearing the tie and blazer


Monday this week was a very special day in the Donovan Household.


It was the first day of term two and the first time Jordan was to wear the school tie and blazer. It is part of the winter uniform for the middle and senior school and as he is in year 7 this year it is now a part of the uniform he is expected to wear.

There were a few moment of concern while dad tied the tie, but all in all the preparation for the 1st day of term was stress free.

Probably because I am at work and only the men in my life are at home dealing with the school drop off. So much less stress when there is only one parent calling the shots!
Oh and another big change in the life of my youngest child, he is now catching the bus home, giving me an extra 20 minutes of child free time. Yippee!

When I go back to work after the holidays I take a little while to get back into the swing of early mornings and early to bed the night before, so by Thursday I needed a power nap. Not wanting to sleep too long and miss getting to the bus stop on time, I set the timer on my mobile phone and lay on the bed with it beside me.

I got about 20 minutes of shut eye, it was a big surprise at how energised I felt after such a short time, but well worth the exercise. It wasn't difficult to get to sleep later than night when it was bed time either.

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Catherine said...

Wow, you do look smart Jordan!! Enjoy your Term 2. I love those power naps...they really do work!!CAthy