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Friday, March 13, 2009

Project Preparation

Tonight I got to work on preparing block 3 in Tiskit-a-Tasket BOM from Bunny Hill Designs.

I would like to say I have completed the previous blocks, but no, only block one is complete.


There will be no excuses not to keep at these darling little blocks if all the hard work is done, and just the enjoyable stitching remains.

Now it is time to admit to my stash enhancement activities this week. It's been a long time since I went to confessions, but I've heard it is good for the soul!!!

What started out innocently as on line shopping for a fat quarter birthday swap, lead to a nice bundle of black and white fat quarters from Iddy Biddy Design, as always the service is fantastic and the goods first class.

Then I had some time to kill before an appointment and I knew I was flirting with danger when I stopped at The Country Quilt Co. But stop I did, and shop I did....4 packs of scraps, ( I can't resist other peoples tastes in scraps) a Jumbo Yo-Yo maker and last but by no means least another bag pattern. Bessie Bow & Bessie Frill Bag by Gingham Collection. very cute and just calling to be made this weekend! I do hope all this confession will allow me access to more hours in the days that follow!!!

Oh no....I'm not done yet.....Spotlight opened in Ipswich on Thursday and I really intend to go directly home after work, and thought a drive-by would confirm my resolve....not so, there was a cute young policeman directing traffic at the still not functioning traffic lights, he seemed to be telling me to get into the right-hand lane and drive right in!

Who was I to argue? The the lack of parking places seemed to be telling me to go home, be strong, and that is exactly what I tried to do.....honestly.....just as I turned to head for the exit, a car left their park and I got to go straight in! It was serendipity wasn't it?

In I went and browsed the shelves, the line to be served was quite long, but I found a friend to chat to and a lovely lady gave me her number when she decided she could wait no longer. Her number was about 10 ahead of my own!

See it was all meant to be. Oh back to my confession - 4 more black and white fat quarters, 4 metres of black and white with a splash of red for the borders, and a few metres of fabric for some more clothes and some thermal lined curtain lining for my ATC's.

Here ends my confession!

My penance will be to make use of these stash enhancement items ASAP, before Greg sees them!!!!!LOL


Catherine said...

Your should be a story teller...very amusing!! Enjoy your penance!!! Cathyx

blessed speedy said...

Well done!!!
That is the buying/confessing and almost starting block 3 of the bom - Ive still not started block 1
BTW how is the dear jane coming along??????