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Monday, January 05, 2009

Not a bag!

So I lied.........!

This bag is using some of the fabulous New Zealand fabric I was sent in return for a 1/2 finished 12 Days of Christmas Applique block quilt. This is the second bag I have made using these lovely designs and it may not be the last!

The pattern was very easy to follow, although I did make a few alterations to the construction. The pattern had the handle tabs and the closure flap added at the end, I added mine before I stitched the lining, it made for a nicer finish I think!

The cute beaded handle was a gift from my dear friend Ann and I was pleased to be able to use it in this project.

The closure flap originally used Velcro, I used a magnetic clasp.......looks almost professional! I wanted the contrast of the black against the bag fabric, but I probably wouldn't use homespun in future, the turning has left it quite wrinkled and I'm not sure the fabric will ever recover!!! The lining is the same, but not as noticeable as the flap.

Not to worry, I love it when I learn something new!
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Catherine said...

Another beautiful quilt Julie!! (yeah I lied too) Its a gorgeous bag!!! Cathy

Jane said...

I am making Miranda..........whaaa and you have finished.
I want my energy and youth back.
and my friend wants me to finish so we can start a new one.

Maree said...

Love this one Julie...those Handles are Gorgeous and the Fabric is Yum.!!!

Solstitches said...

I've been working backwards through recent posts and was wondering when we would get to the bags :)
Love this one Julie. Beautifully made and I love the fabrics.
The pattern will go straight on my wish list