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Saturday, January 03, 2009

First completed bag project for 2009

This bag started on Christmas eve while I was finishing the apron gift for my mother-in-law. Nothing like finishing a project in the nick of time is there? The apron managed to leave the house without being photographed......sadly! Although as I used the same fabric, you see the bag you have seen the apron just with frills!!!

My MIL is a dedicated apron wearer, and often leaves the house to visit a neighbour wearing her apron, so we decided this one could be her "going out apron" As her birthday is coming up on the 12th January, I thought a matching bag for her "going out apron" may be the very thing! What else do you give an 82 year old woman?

I have also had a chance to play around with text in my photographs thanks to the new updated Picasa, I love the idea of making the photos speak for themselves!
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Lissa Jane said...

I am giggling here, fancy your first project for the year being a bag??? and I am loving this idea! I need a 'posh' apron, every bit of clothing has dinner cooking spills on it..

take care and happy new year to you :O)))

Maree said...

Love the Bag..and the Apron sounds Great too..clever you editing your pics & love the new look with matching header...

Jackie said...

What gorgeous fresh fabric. Your mum is going to look a treat going out visiting with her citrus fresh look.

Catherine said...

What a great visual picture I have in my head. MIL walking down the street in apron with gorgeous! Will have to investigate are doing some great things! Cathy