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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Discovering New Technology!

Thanks to some of the members of QDU I am now about to create my first blog post via Windows Live Writer! I will be interested to see how simple it can be.

Today a friend and I took our boys out for a day of tennis and swimming. The weather was just glorious, and Carolyn and I were able to sit back and relax while the boys burned off some energy.

The breeze off the river gave us as close to perfect a day as I can remember for a long time.

We arrived home tired but happy. Jordan was a bit 'wired' as he hadn't had much to eat all day and was feeling a bit woozy, fortunately a Vegemite bread roll and a milk shake was quick and easy to prepare. A few mouthful's later he was back to his usual self!

This photograph isn't of our outing today but from one earlier in the holidays, still with the same friends.

P1010589 Jordan and Andrew

P1010601 Jordan, Josh & Andrew in the lift at The Myer Centre.

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lzilulu said...

So Julie, how did you find Windows Live writer?? Easy??? I am loving it...lzilulu xox