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Friday, January 09, 2009

Dear Jane Quilt - 2 more blocks


I ordered the Dear Jane Quilt Design Software it arrived Wednesday and I loaded it onto my lap top.  I was very excited about getting on with my DJ blocks, I think I was actually procrastinating, but not any longer.

Last night I sat up very late, long after Jordan and even Greg went to bed working on another two blocks.


Hopscotch M-12


Florence Nightingale A-8

I began my evening in the sewing room last night by completing some Postcards for a swap I am in, the theme is Purple.  I think they motivated me to work on the DJ blocks.  Not sure if much will be done tonight however, as my dear friends Margaret and Ann visited for a day of chatting and stitching, so we will all be very tired from all the chatting!

I managed to get all but the last of my Grandmother's Flower Garden Hexagon blocks done, so it was a productive day too.


Al said...

They look wonderful, Julie. Dear Jane is on my "to do in the future" list!
What advantage is the software program?

Kali said...

Julie you are doing a great job...those little blocks are gorgeous.

PamelaJ said...

Very Nice .!! So you are not doing all the same background.? they look great.Why did we procrastinate so long. !

Maree said...

Your on a Roll now Julie your Blocks are Lovely....