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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Quilt Retreat Photographs.......finally!

Quilt Retreat is almost a distant memory, as the end of the school year and Christmas looms.

Jordan graduated from year 6 this year, so that means he is going into middle school in 2009.

There has been lots of excitement at school for him and several parent involved ceremonies and events for us to attend.

Work if finally slowing down as the term comes to an end. I am now counting down to my holidays.....just 6 sleeps!

As usual I have been putting off several of my projects until I start my holidays, and as usually I have probably over estimated what I can actually achieve in the time I have....oh well I like to have big dreams, it gives me something to aim for!

My next post will include some photographs of a few projects worked on and completed at retreat.

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Catherine said...

Girl after my own heart...Sewing, Bundy and Crunchies!! What more could a girl want?? (Well...possibly Hugh Jackman??)