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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pet Mesh Shopping Bags

I have had the makings of the Pet Mesh Bags for some time, and the Retreat last weekend was the perfect time to get creative.

I had lots of help from Robyn O as she brought her completed bags along so I could see how to make my own!

The bag below was my first attempt, when I ordered the Pet Mesh from Iddy Biddy Designs, the every helpful and generous Wendy added a 1/2 metre of the gorgeous Froggy border print as a gift.

It worked perfectly for my bag, I was able to make a smaller one with the fabric from the centre.
I ended up with only a scrap of the Pet Mesh left, with that I made a water bottle needs longer handles before I can call it complete! Greg has just this moment cut some 3mm MDF for the bases, I sadly have to clean up the mess he made sawing!


Catherine said...

How typical is that...why do we always need to follow behind and clean up after!!
Julie, what is pet mesh? Can you explain to me what it is all about?? Never heard of it in bags or anywhere else for that matter..I'm intrigued! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I came across your blog, oh my goodness, all those bags, they are so beautiful.

Nicole and Phil said...

I love your bags...but this one has me put your dog in there???? is that what you do with it?
and why?
do you have a dog to put in this bag, and can you please add a photo of it on your blog?

Julie said...

That last comment from Nicole sure made me giggle, no the Pet Mesh Bag is just using a product called Pet Mesh. It is available in the local hardware store, and it forms the basis of the bag that is then embellished with a cute fabric.
Having said that, I'm sure Georgie would be more than happy to be carried around in a bag! Julie xx