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Friday, August 31, 2007

Holiday to Thredbo

Snow Holiday to Thredbo - NSW -

Leah & Jordan
Catching snow on their tongues.........

Our family holiday to Thredbo was a chance to learn to ski or in Jordan's case to learn to snowboard.
While Jordan seemed to do very well, I was another story. I was scared to death of falling or worse, breaking something and didn't enjoy the experience at all. I was much happier sipping cappuccino's, watching movies or reading than I was out on the slopes. My family have named me "Crash" and the less said about the reason for the nickname the better I believe!
Leah was a bit of a sook and wouldn't go out without her mummy and daddy so she did about as much skiing as we did! Shame really!
Oh well it was an experience.....certainly, perhaps my next holiday will be to a pacific summer!

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