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Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby Quilt Commission

I put some of my handmade items into the local Hospice Gift Shop. They take 20% and the money goes to help with the cost of caring for terminally ill people in the community. I like to support this particular charity as they are doing something so very important.

One of the volunteer workers asked if I would make her daughter a quilt for her baby due in November this year, it is to be her first grandchild and she wanted to give her something special.

I designed this very simple quilt tyring to keep the colours neutral, not sure I achieved that particular aim? The woman was over the moon with the finished product and I was so relieved to have managed to meet her expectations.

I have come to the conclusion however, that I won't ever take on a comission in the future, although I enjoyed the whole process and was happy with the agreed price, I realised that while I was spending time working on that particular quilt, my own projects were not getting any attention.

Sure I have cash in my hand, but perhaps a finished quilt of my own may be a better use of my time. You live and learn!

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