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Saturday, September 29, 2007

28th September 2007 - Not Sewing!

NOT SEWING! What is this....Not Sewing? I have been in the doldrums a bit with my motivation and enthusiasm. I know a lot has to do with the amount of 'things' I try to do in a day, and my advancing years aren't conducive to greater production, but this is ridiculous!
I haven't stitched at night for months! Why? I'm not always tired, surely?
I suppose to be fair the light not working above my head in the family room isn't helping....but a solution may soon be at hand.....we have purchased a whole house full of new light fittings....just waiting for the "bloody electrician" to do the installation!
No that's not the only reason I know.....but I will try to be better.....I promise.
Today I began cutting out a new quilt pattern. It is using the basic friendship star block and my stash of charm squares. I have begun to cut cream background fabric to create the secondary design, I am working from a picture of a quilt in a magazine, but the similarities end there. I don't have plans at this stage to do any of the applique used in the original design. but who knows, when I get my new 'BIG Wattage' light and I can see...anything can happen?
I am cutting the fabric in order to use 5" charm squares so my resulting blocks will be about 12½" unfinished. I have enough charm squares to make 30 blocks, so I have at this stage decided on a 6 x 5 layout a sizable quilt, even without borders.

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